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Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj
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Month : October/November
Place : India
Famous For : Religious Festival
Attractions : Tilak on Brother's Forehead, Exchange of Gifts, Puja.

Bhai Dooj festival celebrates the eternal bonding between brother & sisters. It's one of the major festival of India celebrated between brothers and sisters to strengthen the bond of love they share. The main rites & rituals performed during this festival include sisters putting 'tilak' on their brother's forehead and praying for their long life. In return, brothers pamper their sisters, facilitate them with gifts and promise to stand by their side in all hardships of life.

Bhai-Dooj is celebrated every year, two days after the festival of Diwali in 'Kartik' month. This Hindu festival celebrates the love and affection between a brother and a sister. 'Bhai' means brother and 'Dooj' means two days after new moon. This unique festivity is one of the most awaited festivals in India.

How to celebrate Bhai Dooj
The festival of Bhai Dooj is known to be based on mythological concept. The celebrations of Bhai dooj reflects the importance of unique cultural traditions that vary with different region of India. This helps to keep the family close and brings prosperity, well being and luck. Bhai Dooj falls on the two day after Diwali and is celebrated all over the country.

All the rituals and pooja held on Bhai Dooj is carried out in the general puja room or on the same platform that was decorated for Diwali pooja. Sisters decorate their puja thali with mithai, batashas, roli and rice along with the coconut. They light up the puja lamp and perform all the rituals. Once the pooja is performed by every members of the family, the sister applies tika on the forehead of the brother. After applying tikka, she gives him a few of the eatables along with the coconut.

Those married women who stay close to their parent's place visit their brother early in the morning and greet them. Those staying far off either take out few days to visit her brother or express their love and blessings through posting greeting cards or e-cards and sending their good wishes. After all the rituals of Bhai Dooj is performed, brothers pamper their sisters by presenting the most memorable gifts. Most commonly, the girl of the house is given presents of clothes, utensils, and lots of mithai and fruits at festivals. 


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