Sunday, 11 September 2011

Visit Dionysus Festival and Bulgaria villas

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The Dionysus Festival in late January features the mystical Kukeri rituals and is a fantastic time to visit and rent Bulgaria villas. These rituals seems as old as time, but gained a fervent following during the pagan times when the men of the village community would dress in extravagant fur and rural costumes.
These primitive costumes were completed with a mask, usually either grotesque or meant to frighten. Next is a procession of men dancing through the streets to the loud clang of bells and dizzying noise of rattles. All this noise and spectacle was meant to frighten away evil spirits making way for goodness to come and give a prosperous and fertile year, a theme common around the globe.
Book your Bulgaria villas today and chase away the winter with the ritualistic and honoured people pf Bulgaria. The Dionysus Festival is a magical, albeit noisy event to usher you into the ancient traditions of Bulgaria.


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