Sunday, 11 September 2011

Feria de Abril

Head to Andalusia two weeks or so after the overriding solemnity of Easter and, in Seville in particular, you will find some of the most wonderfully sexy, colourful, traditional and musical festivities going! Game on!
Seville is the home of the flamenco, and for 6 days it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from Spain for its annual Feria De Abril festival- where flamenco dancing, bull fighting, drinking and partying are the minimum requirements from all who visit.
During the day, the largish open stretch of ground in the city is given over to Sevillanos who set up brightly coloured tents, dress up in wonderful flamenco costume (gypsy style faralaes for the women and collar-less suits with top hats for the men) and drink and eat the hours away. During the day, the women get drawn through the streets on open topped horse drawn carts in a ritual procession. Later on, thousands descend upon the local bullring to watch matador after matador perform their cherished tauro skills to a thrilled crowd.
As usual, attempting to get a decent night's sleep at a normal hour is nigh on impossible during the festivities, as the city turns into one giant great big flamenco and sherry fest from dusk till dawn. Hurrah!


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