Tuesday, 13 September 2011


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Metalcore is reaching a sterile second stage where believers seem to be ordering "build-a-band" kits: the reverse–wind tunnel hairdos; droopy V-necks and chest tats; and alternating screeching/sensitive vocals framed by ominous in 'n' out guitars and busy, clicky beats. While North Hills' Lions!Tigers!Bears! certainly check off some of the above, they find considerable sense of self within the template. The drums are freethinking and hardcore-leaning; keys and samples sprinkle between borderline militaristic guitars; and Josh Wallace — while down with the genre playbook — has the shaggy makings of a hoodie messiah. Though ever-changing, L!T!B!'s tunes are sufficiently singable to be ADHD anthems for the abbreviation generation. When "metalcore" is a dirty word (like, next year), Lions!Tigers!Bears! will still be standing — and doubtless sounding rather different.


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