Sunday, 11 September 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean festival in Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are rich in not only their seafaring history, but also in their pirating and pirateering... and in celebration of their pirate legacy, the Cayman Islands host their own Pirates of the Caribbean Week in November.
For eleven fun and exciting days, the islands are awash in the festivities and frivolities of Pirates Week. The focus is in George Town on Grand Cayman where the whole gala event begins with a mock pirate invasion on the harbour. An old Spanish galleon ship and even a submarine invade the beach with blasting cannons and costumed men and women who capture the governor, thus seizing the city!
After the Pirates of the Caribbean seizure, the pirates parade through George Town to music and thousands of enthusiastic onlookers. The sun is bright and warm and so are the moods of the merrymakers as the festival kicks off.
Over the next eleven days are loads of fireworks, street dances, live music, lots of good food and the crowning of the Queen of the Festival. For the fans of activity, there is a 5km run and a 10km sea swim. Two of the most anticipated events of Pirates Week are the sea turtle release and Heritage Days where the different districts showcase the best of their best.
Plan your Cayman Island vacation rentals around 6-16th of November so you too can be a part Pirate’s Week!


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